Wind Turbine Transport

transport & handling of wind turbine components


Wind Turbine Transport

The movement of wind turbine components is not easy due to the sheer size and weight of the components involved requiring extensive coordination and an appreciation and understanding of the complexity involved in their transportation.

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Heavy tractors

Wind Turbine Specialist Equipment

Plant Speed actively works in the renewable energy sector all over the UK. Building on our experience in the heavy haulage sector, we have used this knowledge and expertise to meet the challenges created by moving wind turbines and associated components.

We have invested in specialist equipment specifically-designed for carrying blades, nacelles and tower sections, including HIABs to provide extra support where required.

We have built a dedicated team that have a wealth of knowledge & understand the unique needs and requirements involved in transporting all wind turbine components. Again, planning and preparation is the key to successful wind turbine transportation.

Pre-Transportation Planning

The pre-transportation phases of projects include route assessments, swept paths and test runs, liaising with local authorities, producing TTRO’s, TMP’S, obtaining agreement for the removal and replacement of any street furniture and attend meetings on and off site.

We have our own in-house pilot cars to assist with the transport, they all understand the requirements and skills required in the safe passage of large loads. We also provide port handling services this includes cargo handling operations, equipment inspection, storage facilities and loading or reloading of equipment to specialist transport. 

Being ideally placed in Bristol, we have facilities within the port of Bristol & Swansea and offer all port solutions. As our activity in the sector has grown we can offer full UK coverage working from various ports within the UK, offering a full logistical package.